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This is a project that we have recently completed in L&T Shipbuilding (LTSB) Limited Residential Quarters at Katupalli, Ponneri District, Tamilnadu, is about upgrading the treated sewage water to potable standards.

The LTSB quarters houses about 1200 workers and uses about 190 KL of water every day. They wanted to ensure the sustainability of the environment and are also working on a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) initiative. Vasudha Aqua presented their greywater treatment options when a discussion with the Management brought up the idea of upgrading the treated sewage water to potable water standards. Although the water would meet potable water standards, since the facility does not have an inhouse laboratory we excluded the use of the water for drinking and cooking.

The treatment process has a mineral filter and a zeolite-based filter media, followed by aeration of the water to increase the water's dissolved oxygen content and reduce the BOD of the water. An Ultraviolet system finally treats the aerated water for disinfection and removal of all Coliform and E. coli. The treated water using this process meets all parameters stipulated for Potable Water. The plant enables automatic operation with minimum operator interface.

LTSB will now be able to reuse about 170 KL of water for all potable purposes other than drinking and cooking. It will ensure that the Company adheres to a Zero Liquid Discharge Policy and creates a self-sustaining environment. An initiative such as this will ensure that the Company moves to become a water neutral company, soon with zero water footprint.

The project has a payback of less than 6 months.