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About Us

Vasudha Aqua

Sustainable living is not just a choice; it’s the need of the hour. At, Vasudha Aqua, we are committed and driven by our passion for delivering solutions that help you live sustainably by conserving water in everyday life.

Our greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting systems for homes, residential units, commercial and institutional applications are developed and practically-engineered by our team of qualified engineers. With considerable technical expertise and commercial experience, we bring to you water conservation systems that are efficient and affordable.

Vasudha Aqua Water Treatment
Vasudha Aqua Gray Water System

Why waste when you can reuse?

'Water Crisis' is a burning issue. And, it’s our responsibility to save water as much as possible. So, why let the clean and potable water go down the drain to the sewage every day? Why not recycle and reuse it for gardening, recharging groundwater, flushing toilets, or washing your cars and bikes? That’s exactly what we, at Vasudha Aqua help you with.

Sustainable lifestyle made easy

Our excellent greywater and rainwater harvesting solutions allow you to conserve water while lowering your water bills and choosing a greener way of life. Imagine if you can recharge about 65% to 70% water you use daily to the underground, you create less water footprint hence saving the environment as well as your pocket. The best part is, our systems can be easily retrofitted into existing drainage lines without much modification. So getting them installed is a hassle-free process.

Vasudha Aqua Save Water

Star features of our Grey Water System

Our team of experts at Vasudha Aqua has gone the extra mile in conducting R&D to make our Greywater System (GWS) foolproof.
The key features of our GWS include:

  • Water treatment using gravity and in real-time Water treatment using gravity and in real-time
  • Fit-and-forget design that needs no intervention Fit-and-forget design that needs no intervention
  • No storage tank and pump needed No storage tank and pump needed
  • No need of harsh chemicals No need of harsh chemicals

Before installing, we visit your place and analyze the possibilities and potential issues.
Once done with the analysis, we provide you with a quotation and get started with the project once you give us the green signal.

Choose Vasudha Aqua. Choose Reliability

Besides offering GWS, we also offer cost-effective Rain Water Harvesting solutions. Together, these two systems will help increase the groundwater level and allow you to reuse the filtered greywater.

With Vasudha Aqua, you can leverage the benefits of our expertise, professionalism, and reliability we demonstrate, while putting your foot forward to save water.

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