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Grey Water System

The wastewater from your daily use — washing, cleaning, and bathing (except for the water from the toilet) — is known as greywater.

Why go for a Grey Water System?

Rainfall is not constant, but greywater is. It may not shower every day. But you will shower, do the laundry, and wash dishes every day, generating quite a significant amount of wastewater. You can use this greywater for a range of household chores, saving your water bills along with your water footprint. That’s where our Grey Water System (GWS) comes in.

At Vasudha Aqua, we have designed a foolproof GWS model that makes greywater recycling easy, hassle-free, fast, and economical. With zero need for electricity or any chemicals, it’s a practically fit-and-forget system that’s totally safe for you and your family. Installing our GWS system is a breeze and we get it up and running in a few hours, with minimal disruption to your household.

No worries about leaks or clogs — our failsafe GWS system uses gravity to its advantage, instead of pumps to transport the greywater.

Interested to conserve water in your home with our GWS system? Call us today to know more!

Vasudha Aqua Grey Water System
Benefits of Vasudha Aqua  Grey Water System

What benefits does Grey Water System offer?

  • Utilizing greywater helps in conservation of water to a great extent.
  • It saves your wallet by lowering your water bills.
  • It recharges the groundwater and topsoil to sustain plant life
  • It’s an eco-friendly option.

How GWS works?

Our proficient team of skilled professionals at Vasudha Aqua has put in a lot of effort in R&D to make our GWS model failsafe. Here is how it works –

    Our Greywater System collects the used water from the washing machine, kitchen sink, and bathroom except for toilet flush water.

    Thereafter, the water goes through a 4-step treatment process.

    • Step 1 – this process removes the suspended impurities and heavy particles.
    • Step 2 – this process separates the oil and grease.
    • Step 3 - All the fine particle up to 3 to 4 microns are removed in this step.
    • Step 4 – It used Carbon High-Density Filter to remove bacteria and odor.

How grey water system works

The treated Greywater is suitable for recharging, gardening or reusing and meets the Land for Irrigation Norms.

So why should you bother about all this, when the municipality is there to take care of it? Because it is every individual's social responsibility to save water — especially today when water scarcity has become a real problem. Our GWS is a smart and hassle-free way to do it.

Interested to get Vasudha Aqua’s Grey Water System unit? Contact us now!