Return on Investment Calculator

Please fill in the mandatory fields marked in (*). Only for apartments having between 10 to 700 units.
The program automatically calculates all other parameters.

Considering Per capita consumption of water per day per person: 160 litres

Approximate Greywater generation will be: 65%

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Recharge the ground
Reuse for gardening and flushing
Reuse for all potable purposes other
than drinking and cooking

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Number of residents in the building {{ residentsInBuilding }}
Total water consumed per day {{ totalWaterConsumedPerDay }} litres/day
Grey water generated per day {{ grayWaterGeneratedPerDay }} litres/day
Water from bore and open wells {{ waterFromBoreAndOpenWells.toLocaleString('en-IN') }} lts/day
Capital cost per flat or per kl of water
(If the no. of flats exceed 60 units, the cost calculation will be per KL of greywater, if the no. of flats is less than 60, then cost will be calculated per flat basis)
₹ {{ costPerFlat.toLocaleString('en-IN') }}
Total investment cost for the apartment ₹ {{ totalInvestmentCostForTheApartment.toLocaleString('en-IN') }}
Savings per day ₹ {{ Math.round(savingsPerDay).toLocaleString('en-IN') }}
Savings per month ₹ {{ Math.round(savingsPerMonth).toLocaleString('en-IN') }}
Interest and depreciation cost per month (18%) ₹ {{ Math.round(interestAndDepriciationCostPerMonth).toLocaleString('en-IN') }}
Net savings per month ₹ {{ Number(Math.round(netSavingsPerMonth)).toLocaleString('en-IN') }}
Return on investment period {{ Math.round(roi) }} months